You are anything but beige. Shouldn’t your home be the same?
— Michelle

Welcome to my business. My name is Michelle Ortiz and I have been designing homes and companies on the East & West Coasts for twenty three years. Having spent the last twelve years in Arizona, I've now come back home to NY, where my heart is happy and I can continue to design residences and commercial properties on the cutting edge of design!

We are the tastemakers, the commanders of fashionable. Couture design is in our DNA and I deliver the best in comfortable style one room at a time. Designing your perfect home is ALL ABOUT YOU, not your designer's point of view. I deliver my clients design with their finger print on it, blending rich layers of textural elegance, sophisticated colors and unexpected accents to create a unique look you can’t wait to come home to. 

At Fashion House we offer a full service of design options to take your interior to the next level of luxury. From small differences in walls and furnishings, to larger, more dramatic changes in architectural features, themes and cabinetry, allow me to come into your world and transform it to the “new and exciting” version of its former self.


Allow me to invoke a passion, to establish a mood, where before there was only furniture. Allow me to take your home to a place where fashion and home décor blend seamlessly. Let’s not just think outside of the box, let’s leap out and design a home that defies the norm, yet makes that one neighbor envy… (You know who she is!)

I am anything but beige, and if you are tired of the status quo in interiors, please give me a call today at 480.227.1832.