Can I use a dark paint in my bathroom?

What a good question I received from a recent design client! One would automatically assume that the answer is going to be no... one would be wrong! This is a loaded question, so let me provide some follow up info to help clarify why my answer can sometimes be yes.

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So, my first question to you is which bathroom is this?

If it's a powder room, my answer is YES, we can paint or wallpaper or do a dark wall treatment. Why? Because this room is for show. Yes it's functional because people will use the toilet and wash their hands, so they need to be able to see the faucet handles, but that's basically it! This bathroom serves no other purpose than to look cute and flush! Do what you want to this bathroom, it's your toy to play with. Use it to experiment with color, take a walk on the wild side here. The amount of wall space in here is so minimal and you yourself will rarely use it, so if you mess it up it's cheap to redo and if you go overboard, it's for your guests, not you.. just don't go in there! Chances are you will find your inner creative when designing this small space.

Is this a guest bathroom? 

Do you like having guests? If no- Paint it as dark as you want, then they won't stay long! LOL If your answer is yes, how often do you have guests and how small is this room? If your room has high enough ceilings or a lot of natural light, you may still get away with some dark paint or paper or stone or tile in this room on your wall. Dark tile on your floors doesn't affect the room looking small if you compliment it properly with your lighter wall selections. The purpose of this room is to function when your guests are here, in the morning when they wake up and freshen up, possibly apply makeup and then intermittently during their day and again at night. If your guest bathroom is small, and does not contain bright, natural light, go light on your walls. If you're in love with a dark color, try it in the shower or one accent wall, if it can be any wall other than your vanity sink wall. This wall requires "task" lighting and should be as bright as possible for applying makeup, face washing, shaving etc. 

Is this your master bathroom?

If your answer is yes, how large is it and do you get natural light in it? If you see the ultra contemporary master above, it's massive and has high ceilings. This makes the room appear large and, combined with the window and bright, illuminated mirror, any task can be completed with ease in this room. They counterbalanced the dark walls with bright floors and accent walls in bright white near the shower. As this is YOUR main bathroom, only you spend time in here, so it should be planned the way YOU will use it.  If you don't use a tub, don't put one in... as long as there is ONE tub in the house somewhere, you do not need one in your master. If you have ten foot high ceilings but your room is smaller, try using one dark accent wall, but leaving the remaining walls light. If you absolutely MUST have that fab new dark raisin color in your master, make sure you have a boat-load of lighting to attack the areas you need for tasks. Many homeowners feel that a light bar or two above their sink is sufficient enough to do all they need to do at their sinks. For some this is true, but once you go dark, this will not be the case. Add recessed cans to your ceiling to assist in brightening up your space. If you have lots of natural light coming in, either from a window or solar tube, go nuts with your dark-choosing self. Just make sure if you are the girl who takes two hours to do her hair and makeup in the morning, that your lighting is enough to see the smallest pimple you're trying to cover or eyebrow hair you're trying to pluck! As women, we get so wrapped up in the beauty of the new space, that we forget how it's supposed to function for us. 

SOOOOO... can you go dark in the bathroom? Yes, absolutely, depending on these factors. Now, get to painting! Ned help selecting the right dark or perfect combo palette for your bathroom remodel? I'd love to work with you if you're in the Phoenix-metro area, but I also travel for the right projects. Simply go to my contact page and call or fill out the inquiry form and I'll be in touch.


One sexy fan...

I love to share amazing pieces to furnish your home with when I find them.  When the piece I find is sexy, which it often is... even better! This #modern fan by Kichler is the cat's meow, with it's sleek curves and ultra-contemporary styling. Long ago I would have never recommended Kichler for anything custom looking, as they were the go to for generic, cookie cutter home, lower level style. Now, you can find some snazzy pieces, in their repertoire, this being one! 

In terms of style, this brushed nickel finish will keep your home in the now. When it comes to function, this hot little number boasts an almost invisible light, that offers 110 to 120 watts of shine for your space.  Get this fan for only $398.00 at It's item #1516367. Add some sexy to your home today! 

What your living room says about you...

I'm a sofa in your living room... what am I saying to you right now? Am I brown and outdated? Am I way too big for my surroundings? Do I look lazy and unstructured, like I'm just tired and worn out? OH NO... am I beige? I'm beige, aren't I? What do my friends look like? Do the chairs look just like me or are they more exciting with patterns and bold colors? Is my room even painted, or is it still the color it was when we first moved here? 

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home. Unless your home has a family room, it's where you and your guests sit and watch television or talk. It's one of the most viewed rooms of the house, so it should always look it's best. It should also FEEL it's best. Is it cozy? Is it warm? Does it make you want to sit and stay awhile? 

Believe it or not, your living room says a lot about you! If you're a neat freak, your living room will be well cleaned and organized. If you collect things, your room may contain clutter. If you're bold and like to make a statement, your room may have fun pieces in it. If you're daring, it will show in the patterns throughout the room. If you love color, your room will be nothing neutral but if you're scared of color, your living room may be lack-luster. 

Now, if you look around your room right now and think, hey this room is nothing like me! It doesn't express who I really want to be... then congratulations, you're ready for a remodel! You've probably known this for a while but just haven't pulled the trigger. I understand, it's not necessarily a cheap endeavor, nor is it an easy one! Decisions must be made, colors and patterns and textures chosen... and depending on the size of the room and quality of the furnishings, it can cost a pretty penny to show off your true self. There is that saying my mother used to have- "Champagne taste and a beer budget!" 

I say TAKE A CHANCE! EXPRESS YOUR INNER YOU- whether it's your inner diva, your secret love of navy blue or polka-dots, your long held-in desire to do an ethnic space or channel your love for classic cars. Take that step and change the conversation your living room is having about you. Some of your living rooms are straight up swearing right now! Lol