Design Styles- Focus on Contemporary- Metropolitan

I was born in Bronx, NY and have been lucky enough to have spent the greater portion of my years in design working on the East Coast perfecting one of my most favorite styles, a neverending NY trend- contemporary. What many do not know is that contemporary interior design is not a monotone style of design. Just as there is more than one shade of gray, so too are there many different layers that make up the classification of contemporary design. One of the most popular and most endearing is today's blog focus- Metropolitan.

Metropolitan design, also often referred to as "Glam Chic" has been rapidly increasing in popularity over the last five years, thanks to it's exposure on home network tv and designers who consistantly practice the art, such as Candice Olsen. The best way to describe this style is to take classic modern elements and kick the room up a notch with glamorous, lush or shiny statement pieces that enhance the cohesive look of the space. For instance, using mirrored end tables in conjuntion with a crystal chandelier pendant and other "sparkly" yet not overly dramatic pieces in a room such as this one I am currently working on for a client's family room in Phoenix, AZ. 

 A Metropolitan designed space is a bit more showy than a standard contemporary space. If you notice the ottomans I chose are plush velvet in a vivacious accent color. The look they give off is luxurious and perhaps this style is more appealing to a woman than it would be a man, but we've balanced the femininity with the more masculine steel gray in the curtains and in the largest piece in the space- the sofa, which is now a massive sectional, shown below.

Notice the lines on this sofa. It's just a bit more special than the average sofa, with fantastic wood trim that gives it a uniqueness. This sofa will be punched up with a rich, gray fabric and starburst accent pillows, then layered with more accent pillows in sexy plums and purples.

I will not yet reveal where these blingy shell tiles will fit into this design, but I will blog about this space when I am done. For now, it's a secret!

I love working with pieces like this in general within my designs. I have to get a piece or two in my design that is just their own, one not easily found or duplicated by their neighbor. In Metropolitan design, many special pieces work together. Metal accents are bold enough to be noticed, yet don't overtake the rest of the space. Lighting in a Metropolitan space must command attention. Even pendants drip in jewels, colored glass or crystals. Metropolitan rooms contain glass, mirrored accent pieces or other glam touches that set it apart from the norm. Shapes in this design style are typically swirls, bold geographic scrollwork, swooping ovals or hard-lined, repeticious rectangles. 

Here are some other distinctly Metropolitan pieces that can help to create an amazing space. This dresser can be used as a nighstand in a glam bedroom or as an accent piece on a wall in any room in a Metropolitan space. It's covered in linen and has a washed paint job with large, metal pulls to add the drama it needs to make it a mini statement in a room.

This jewel encrusted bed frame brings the glam and is a bit much for some, but it can be toned down if done well within a having a great designer such as myself. My husband (shown in the chair nearby) would agree!

The jewels, again, are a bit too much drama for some, but this sofa can come with merely the bright chrome nailhead trim, the perfect bit of glam for any male/ female space.


Here's just one more example- swooping, swan-like glass on a Metropolitan chandelier. All of the items shown above were pieces I found earlier this year at the World Market Show in Las Vegas, where Metro Design ruled and continues to make a statement.

There is no end in sight to this gorgeous form of contemporary style. If you are interested in incorporating this design style into your home with my help (whether you live in AZ or not), contact me and let's get some glam into your space!

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of Design Styles. By special request, our next focus will be Modern Industrial.  


Design Styles- A New Blog Series on Current Interior Design Styles

My latest client has given me the best idea for my a blog series. Everytime I meet a client for the first time I run through a series of questions about their space, their life, their style. Many clients do an extensive amount of homework prior to our first meet. They cut out magazine pictures, show me houzz or pinterest pics on their ipads or just give me an idea of a style they wish to incorporate into their new space. A recent client, however, was completely stumped about her design style. She had NO idea what she liked and throughout her life had never defined a style for her space. She lived into her adult life with hand me downs and non-descipt pieces she purchased with no purpose other than function. I felt kind of sad for her, having never experienced the joy of loving a particular style of design. After all, I find many homeowners to love their different styles of decor and many are quite passionate about them, as are most designers. 

I often try to circumvent the question, when asked by a homeowner "What is my style". My answer is always simple, "It's yours". After all, that is our job- to create a home that reflects you, not ourselves. I feel some designers tend to get this wrong. If you look at their portfolios you'll see the same style regergitated over and over again like a one trick pony. They fail to understand their main objective, which is their client. Once I am done within your space, it's you who has to live there. I would never inflict my personal style on someone whose tastes is vastly different than my own. I also don't like to reveal my style of preference because it may give the impression that I can master no other, when in fact, I have perfected many. A good designer can create an elaborate Mediterranean design and then go off and well execute an ultra-modern loft. But enough about us...let's talk about those many styles that make our hearts skip a beat when you tell us, "That's what I want my house to look like!"

There are so many categories of design and far more substyles within those categories. For instance- one could say they like contemporary... but what style of contemporary do you prefer- Ultra-Modern, Industrial, Rustic, Ethnic, Metropolitan, Mid- Century? The list goes on from there, these just happen to be some of the most current. Do you understand the differences between them and what makes them special?

Come along with me on my series dedicated to the many current styles of design and I will show you. Perhaps you will find a new style to love when we're done! 

My first post is all about GLAM CHIC or Metropolitan... one of my favorites and one of the most popular new (old) trends in design.