My Perfect Mom Retreat- #MomSpots Olioboard #Blog Hop 3

When I was asked to create my vision of a perfect Mom Retreat, my mind couldn't stop working...and I probably could have made ten versions of my ideal space. Unfortunately, who has that kinda time? Design work keeps me away from such luxuries, but thanks to Olioboard I can dream to my heart's content. Let me share my dream with you.

My perfect sanctuary would have all of the things I love fused together into one adorable, luxurious space. It begins with one unique piece of furniture and creating a room around it. Here, that piece is this sexy chaise lounge. As there are "NO KIDS ALLOWED", the fabrics can be as rich and silky as I desire without the worries of spills or drool from my grand-daughter Leah. 

I can wear whatever I want in my space, so a top and my favorite pair of strappy heels plucked right from my nearby diva's dream closet will do the trick. I can stretch out on a thick, high piled, silky shag rug and review plans for my dream project- a 20,000 square foot ultra modern home. 

Right now plums, purples and greys are the colors of my heart (for the moment). I don't like a lot of clutter or overdone decor, so my room has one special seat to read, relax by the modern fireplace or sip on a favorite red wine while I admire my shoe collection! The tufted tuffits in the closet, I am using in a client's family room "Glam Chic" space and I just love them to pieces.

Tropical plants in a modern space are perfect, so I made sure to incorporate these agaves from Pier 1. A chandelier is a fun color makes this space special and ultra glam. Neutral is not an option in my retreat! A few final pieces from Zinc Door and a Budha to get my Zen on and my hideaway from my four children is complete. If only this were real! 


I hope you enjoyed my #MomSpot. Please check out some fab spaces from the other 12 designers who make up the team of bloggers participating in our 3rd monthly Monday Blog Hop, sponsored by @Olioboard. Hop from one blog to the other and get inspired! 




Kids Styles- A Frou Frou French Nursery & Modern Little Man's Room

Today I have the honor of being part of Olioboard's 1st monthly Monday Blog Hop. Myself and nine other designers have the distict pleasure of rolling out some of our tricks and design ideas and create a nursery and/ or kid's space. The idea behind our Blog Hop is that you will "hop" from blog to blog, checing out all that us designers have to offer in great design, creative thinking and enjoyable writing. So many of us have great blogs where we write regular content about our lives, our projects and tasty tid bits related to our colorful and inventive world of interior design. As a personal experience, I enjoy my connection to many of these diverse designers, getting to know their styles and personalities through our exchanges on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I hope you will get to know and enjoy them as much as I do!

I have a tendency to challenge myself to go against the grain when I'm presented with a design inquiry and this time was no different. Olioboard has asked us to create a nursery or kid's room to wow you with. I always enjoy creating kid's rooms. It's the one space where, even if homeowners are scared to use color for their own space, they let loose and go Crayola for their kids. And kid's rooms should be fun, energetic and bright...but, that doesn't mean that you can't also create a sophisticated space for a baby that highlights one controlled color.

In my 'Petite Sophisticate Twins Nursery' I've taken stark neutrals and softened them up with a beautiful pastel. I very rarely leave a wall white (actually NEVER), but for this one room I went classic white and added panels for a regal look. My inspiration for this space was the amazing, luxe heart shaped twin crib set that I found at I LOVE using unique pieces when my client has such a budget. Olioboard allows me to create moodboards for rooms that I create for my clients, but also allows me to make "dream rooms" like this one; although I'm open to do a room just like this for you if you want one! :-)

Gray continues to be a hot NON-color for the coming seasons and has replaced brown as the go-with-all neutral. Here it creates the perfect balance between the blank white walls and the rich darkness of the bold, black furnishings and accessories. The dresser on the back wall is a repurposed 1970's or 80's piece that many of you still have today. A nice satin coat of black spray paint and fresh new knobs will update your old piece and this piece in particular fits in well with it's French Provincial look. Add to this luxurious look with black sprayed frames in different, ornate styles and use them open (like shown) or frame family photos or even fabric or decorative papers in gray and powder puff pink. And speaking of pink, the lightest shade of this pretty girl's mainstay adorns the dual hampers by the window, a soft shag rug and accents throughout the room that can easily transition into other colored pieces as time goes on and tastes change. 

Although I finished my design, I began to create another room fit for a modern prince (all while watching the season premiere of True Blood, so I'm surprised the room is not red). Again, I went against my norm. I rarely use the typical boy/ girl blue/ pink thing! I prefer alternative colors to define gender or not define it at all! Yet here, I played with blue and brown, inspired by this fantastic modern updo of a mid-century styled dresser. I love the random color pops on the drawers. 

I love to play with paint. On a recent client's home, I painted an apple green square (see 2 Weeks in The Life of a Small Design Job series on my blog). I've done stripes and chevron, circles and squiggles, all with paint or wallpaper. Walls are a canvas just calling for creativity. There really aren't many rules- it just has to look good! On this 'Little Boy Blue's Modern Bedroom' I made random stripes in the contrasting brown against a baby blue wall. It makes the blue a bit more grown up, yet still fun.

Think outside the box when it comes to walls. I have taken phrases we often tell our children and carrried it onto the wall for a great Typography style. Just handwrite your words along very straight lines to create this look. There doesn't always have to be a theme to a space. Simple and clean lines make rooms look clutter free. If your space is a little less modern, work in the alternative castle bookcase, or fun, blue toychest. Go over to and create a fun nursery or kid's room of your own! If you do, I'd love to see it, so please post a link in the comment section below. 

I hope you enjoyed the little look into my creative mind and what you can do with a nursery space. regardless of your budget, there are ideas within this design that are easily adaptable into your space. Please take a little time and see what some of my colleagues have come up with for their nursery and kid's rooms. Click on the links below and hop on over to see them!

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